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Who We Are

Advocates for Women

Havilah Collective is a global non profit community fiercely committed to justice for women and children trapped in cycles of despair, poverty, and violence.  We are joining forces; sharing resources. Together, we build bridges where the need is greatest. ​ We support leaders of the community, those already acting on behalf of another. ​ As a non-profit, our ethos is to work directly with local women, especially mothers, to hear their needs, fill in the gap, work toward disrupting patterns, and facilitate long-term healing. For the women and mothers who are carrying the weight of the world on their shoulders, we see you.

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"...the connections between and among women are the most feared, the most problematic and the most potentially transforming force on the planet." -Adrienne Rich   We imagine mothers and women acquiring global job skills, becoming financially independent, learning to drive cars, and fulfilling their purposes in life. And while they break generational cycles they are setting an example for their own children to follow.

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What We Do

Tough as a Mother

We believe mothers should be seen as heroes in their own stories. We share resources, experiences, wisdom, and stories.  We share songs and cultures and meals and belonging.  We go to the women and mothers who are most vulnerable, who are suffering in cycles of poverty and violence. ​ This can look like finding immediate safety in violent situations where a woman and children need a safe place to stay because they are in imminent danger. It includes feeding, clothing, and caring for children and families who are suffering and unable to properly care for their children. We provide food, school fees, school uniforms, medical aid, funeral expenses, etc. We currently offer over 1000 meals per week to kids and vulnerable adults. It includes emotional care for victims of ongoing, constant trauma where there is no relief in sight.  We partner with local counselors, job skills coordinators, and social workers to help guide women to their nearest rescue point and then walk with them to help meet their needs.   We want to write a different narrative. Capetown, South Africa, and beyond.

"If there is someone who can love the hell out of you, it's a mother."

-Isabel, CapeTown, South Africa
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