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Embodied Trauma Care

In a traumatized community, it's vital to offer a place of rest for weary bodies.

When the gunshots are continual, when food is sparse, when violence seems to be unrelenting, the body pays the price.

Living in constant trauma, with no relief in sight, is destructive to the body and soul. Having a place to retreat, if only for an hour, has proven invaluable to the community. We utilize Aromatouch Treatment, a light-touch aromatherapy technique, that soothes the nervous system, and brings balance to the frayed and weary parts of women that have long since shoulder the burden of families.

Most importantly, it's a place of safety. Rest. Reclamation.

This 40 minute application is provided by two local women who have been trained in the technique Essential oils are donated by advocates at doTERRA essential oils.

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