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Creating communities of refuge and resources so women and children can flourish.


Tier 1 Needs: This ongoing expense is needed to pay local staff like Isabel, provide meals to those who will have none, and cover emergencies.

1. Monthly donations are a huge help to us. Whether it is $10 or $10,000 monthly, this is the source of change.

2. Covers enough food for 1000 meals per week (one meal each day in  3 locations). More funding means less hunger!

3. Emergencies (funerals, medical emergencies, new babies, transportation, school supplies, etc)

4. Day to day expenses

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Keep Our Daughters Safe

Safe Transportation

Safe and trusted transportation: Women-driven, women-operated car dedicated to the women and their children served by Havilah Collective.

Help us raise funds to buy a car devoted to the use of keeping women and girls safe.

Here's why:

When the gunshots started, 12-year-old Chandre knew to run for cover. But this time she was crossing the street, having just left the shop for bread. People screamed, and the air smelled like metal. When she went down, her last thought was that granny would need this bread. A crowd gathered around her, someone wrapping her leg in a cotton shirt. The pain in her leg took over and she began to cry for her granny. In most scenarios, the ambulance would be called for the young girl in the street, bleeding from a gunshot wound. But here, in this community, there are no ambulances that serve the public. There are ambulances that serve the private sector, those who can afford to pay the monthly service fee. The police were called. The crowd waited. The girl grew faint. Her granny would not be able to navigate the flight of stairs down from her flat to get to her. A car arrived. No one she knew. Just someone with a car. She was lifted into the car by a stranger who said he knew her gran and would tell her. She was on her way to the government hospital. The police never arrived, despite frequent calls for help. The stranger dropped her at the hospital and disappeared. Her gran would need to take a public taxi to get to her. She was on her own. She knew this strength that surged through her. It was a familiar, lonely strength.


At 13-years old, her mother boarded the public bus with her every morning. The school was three miles away but for some girls that were the longest 3 miles of their lives. No protection, no security, no promise that they will make it to school whole. To be able to attend this school outside of the community is a huge sacrifice. The scholarship her daughter received does not cover travel expenses or anxiety attacks. So her mother rides with her at double the expense, paying for two bus fares each day. She pays again with her time, making the slow round trip back that lasted an hour and a half with all the stops. Again, at school dismissal, she will do it again. She will board a bus to be there for her daughter when she exits the school building. They will ride home together. Safety in numbers.


The 16-year old and 18-year old boys walked through the apartment door, starving they said. Money was tight and yet, these growing boys never seemed satisfied. The closest grocery store offered processed meat and snacks, no vegetables, no fresh food. The prices were nearly triple what she can pay in town. To feed a family of 5 people requires a substantial food budget. With no car, she must use a public taxi which affords her enough room for the two bags she can manage to hold onto her lap. Each taxi trip costs more money. But she can only buy as much food as the space on her lap allows and the strength in her arms can bear. She will walk 1/4 of a mile to and from the taxi rank with her groceries, then up two flights of stairs to her own home.

GOAL: $57,000 to purchase a vehicle, gas, and taxes.

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Feed, Clothe and Supply

Each week approximately 1000 meals are served through our partners and volunteers who give so willingly. Your donation helps provide  necessary things like:



-school uniforms


We are so grateful for the donations that provide these necessities!