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Empower Local Leaders

Overwhelming circumstances call for overwhelming compassion.

Our community leaders are women. They are mothers. First and foremost on their mind is the care and safety of their children. We cannot address other issues until these basics are provided.

Once these are secured, there is room to dream, to create and to breathe. What are the basic needs that must be provided?

Food, shelter, clothing. When we can help provide these, it relieves women of the responsibility that often rests squarely on their shoulders.

Additionally, we strive to help families with medical expenses, funeral expenses, new baby gift, school uniforms and school supplies.

Transportation to food supply is a crucial need. Monthly donations are a huge help to us. Whether it is $10 or $10,000 monthly, this is the source of change.

Your donation covers enough food for 1000 meals per week (one meal each day in  3 locations). More funding means less hunger!

To make a difference, donate through the button at the bottom of this page or the GIVE tab!

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