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Osheta Moore posted this on social media, and I found it to be a visible reminder. we are not wired for perfection. Repair is one of the most basic needs that we are born with. Attachment theory explains a lot about the way we interact within our most important relationships.

Our primary caregiver is tasked with helping us to develop a secure attachment early in life. One of the foundational lessons is the idea of REPAIR.

No parent is perfect. There will be a rupture in the parent-child relationship at some point (many points if I'm honest). The hallmark of a healthy relationship is the acknowledgement of the rupture. Then the repair. A child is resilient when they know that their caregiver is flawed but will repair that relationship.

To admit that something needs to be repaired is to acknowledge our intimate knowing of that relationship. We know something is damaged, harm has been caused. A healthy and secure person will seek to repair it. Trust is formed, growth continues and an intimate relationship is forged.

Let's honor the gift of REPAIR.

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